OSHC - Enrolments


All families using the service must complete and return an online enrolment form. Priority is given to working families and for families and children at risk. All bookings must be made in advance whenever possible including rotating shifts. All bookings are placed through FullyBooked.  We require all new families to come in with their children for an induction of the OSHC room, service offered and meet some staff to allow for a smooth transition. All children are provided with an OSHC hat ($10) on their first visit. 

Please use the below link to enrol. 

To access FullyBooked as an app please access the below guides to save the webpage to your home screen.  

Android Attachment

iPhone Attachment

The online Portal is very easy to use, and will give you greater control but please review the following important points so that we receive your enrolment and bookings correctly:

    • The Family portal is a web link (as above) so it can be accessed on any computer, tablet or smart phone (add the web page to your home screen on your phone for easy access)

    • All Families need to Register for the first time to sign in to the portal. You just need your email address. You will also need to Verify your email address before putting in bookings – go to your emails and look for an email which asks you to verify

    • You will not be able to make any bookings until you have answered all the compulsory questions which are marked with an asterisk. If you have answered all questions a calendar will appear.

    • If a yellow box appears at the top with a message, you must complete the task listed before you can book.

    • There are three separate areas you must go into: Parent, Account and Child.

    • You must add both parents—unless you click on the option which says ‘other parent not applicable’.

    • You must add all your emergency contacts or people who are authorised to collect—or we will not be able to release your children to people who are not listed on the new enrolment form

    • Doctor’s details—this is compulsory due to our Legislation so please put something in these boxes or it wont let you progress.

    • It will ask if you want rebates—You need to say YES to this as the new subsidy includes both the 50% rebate and the income assessed benefit. If you say no here you will get nothing at all from Centrelink.

    • Before you are able to book FullyBooked will require you to set up a direct debit transaction with Ezidebit.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE BOOKINGS UNTIL THIS IS SET UP!


If you require assistance to enrol or make bookings see the Step by Step Guides

How to make a booking 

How To Enrol