OSHC - Vacation Care

Vacation Care

The Vacation Care service is available to all children to attend home days and must be 5 years old and have completed a term of school prior to attend excursions. Children finishing Year 6 may attend the Vacation Care in December/January holidays. 

 We offer a variety of activities including incursions, walks in the local community and excursions using a charter bus. The holidays program is available from week 5 of term and all bookings must be in by Friday Week 9 (Week 10 for Term 1). 


•    Children must come with Recess & Lunch Packed unless stated on the program

•    We provide Breakfast (7am to 8am) and Afternoon Tea (3pm) every day.

•    Please do NOT include any nuts in your child’s lunch or recess. Example; Nutella, Peanut Butter & Nut Bars are NOT allowed

•    Water Bottle/s


•    All Buses are chartered private hire through A1 Bus 

•    Children are required to arrive at the service and be signed in, no later than the designated departure time on excursion days. Ideally arrive 30 minutes prior to ensure on-time departure.


•    OSHC Hats

•    Closed in shoes

    • No Singlets or Crop Tops allowed

    • An extra set of clothes and underwear is recommended for younger students who may have accidents throughout the day.



OSHC Educators are not permitted to enter children’s bathrooms. If children soil themselves, they must have a change of clothes provided in their bag and be capable of changing themselves without Educator assistance. If a child does not have a change of clothes or is not able to change themselves, families will be contacted to collect their child. 


Vacation Care Program 2022-2023